ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate characteristics

1. ABC-BioPhosphate carrier for formulation

The ABC-BioPhosphate is a natural and organic product with macrospores structure and economically high concentrated recovered Phosphorus content. ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate is a safe horticultural biofertilizer product aiming natural recovered Phosphorus bio fertiliser supply and plant growth promotion with multiple effects in organic/low input farming cultivations.  

The specific animal bone char carrier based ABC-BioPhosphate formulation contains high amount of Phosphorus expressed in P2O5 (35%) and Calcium (37%) available for plants, which allows efficient, environmentally safe and naturally renewable phosphorus supply. Beside the highly available recovered phosphorus content the animal bone charcoal also contains other important recovered trace elements, and other nutrients, such as K and Mg.

Blank ABC-BioPhoshate is a starting material for production of microbiological formulated Bio-NPK-C BioPhosphate products. We do not sell directly the blank ABC-BioPhosphate but the formulated ones. 


2. Formulated ABC-BioPhosphate product

The ABC-BioPhosphate commercial products formulated to BIO-NPK-C compound biofertiliser in any composition as of user/market demands for both organic and low input farming application cases.

The formulated ABC-BioPhosphate product providing microbiologically beneficial natural soil microorganisms that are entrapped on the internal and external surface of the carrier. The positive effects of the application of the BioPhosphate fertilising products are the plant grown promotion activity, natural fertilization and the biopesticide effects. 

The formulated BioPhosphate is increasing soil health/biodiversity, safe, sustainable, resilient and adaptive to all EU climatic/soil conditions. 

Different types of 3R specific ABC-BioPhosphate and formulated products are available depending on the input material and carbonisation process.

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Key facts

  • Input material: food grade cattle and other types of bone grist.
  • General appearance: any grain sizing between 1-5 mm granulated or powdered 0-1 mm fractions.
  • Nutrient Content (N-P-K %): basic 35% P2O5+ 44% CaO. Any BIO-NPK-C and microbiological formulations available as of user demand.
  • Type of farming: organic, eco-farming, conventional
  • Cultivation methods: open field, greenhouse
  • Application doses: 0.2-1.5 t/ha depending on the soil type and nutrient needs of the crops.
  • Permit availability: MS Authority permit number: 6300/2407-2/2020 as of EU for horticultural applications & lawful marketing in the EU27, Full EC REACH certificated.
  • Geographical area: EU27 (most importantly Italy, Spain, France, Germany), UK, USA, Australia and Japan
  • Price range: BIO-NPK-C formulated from >500 €/ha in 2023.

Ten reasons

why do you need  

  1. Phosphorus is strategic key element of the food crop and animal production in agriculture. NO P = NO Agriculture = NO Food.
  2. The EU is >88% is importing the mineral phosphate, most MS 100% importer, but this is containing high levels of Cadmium, Uranium and other toxic elements.
  3. The phosphate is recognized by the EC as critical raw material with high supply risk in 2023.
  4. Growing food demand = growing phosphorus demand.
  5. Finite phosphate: the low Cadmium and Uranium content mineral fertilizer resources already used up, depleted and in the future only high contaminated resources are available.
  6. Geopolitical risks: imported Phosphate is a critically important issue for the national security already now. 
  7. Globally all farmers need phosphorus, yet just 5 countries control 88% of the worlds remaining phosphate rock reserves.
  8. An inefficient food system: large amount of P to waste streams, no recovery.
  9. Cheap fertilizer: a thing of the past for farmers.
  10. Very drastic P price increase (>300%) and fertiliser crisis since 2021 due to the new geopolitical situation and COVID pandeminc.