How it is made?

The ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate is made of food grade cattle and other types of bone grist, which is processed at 133 degree Celsius for 20 minutes under 3 bar processing conditions. The food grade animal bone processing outputs are bone meal for pet food, gelatin for human food and china bone material for high quality porcelain industry applications.



The bone grist from the rendering industry is the input to the 3R pyrolysis process, where the material is heated to as high as 850 degree Celsius material core carbonization temperature, that is far higher than usual biomass processing temperatures, but absolute needed to get high quality and safe product. During the advanced pyrolysis (reductive thermal processing) all volatile and protein based substances are removed from the mineral frame, and a highly macro-porous hydroxyapatite (70-76%), CaCO3 (7-13%) and carbon (9-11%) content apatite type mineral material produced. No any chemicals used. 

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