The 10 key benefits of the ABC-BioPhosphate: 

  1. ECONOMICAL: significant fruit quality improvements, yield+>10% and decreased production cost >15%.
  2. CREATE VALUES and BENEFITS for the Users at less cost.
  3. PRACTICAL: economically concentrated natural bio fertiliser above 35% P2O5 and in any BIO-NPK-C compound formulations.
  4. FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS in wide range of scenarios for the Users.
  5. SAFE: the product is fully safe to use under any climatic and soil conditions at any food crop cultivations. No water pollution risk. Improving food quality & safety for less cost.
  6. SUSTAINABLE: zero emission processed and energy independently produced from unexploited and renewable by-product streams from EU sources.
  7. ENVIRONMENTAL and CLIMATE FRIENDLY during the full value chain.
  8. SECURED SUPPLY: providing secured phosphorus supply and reducing the reliance on imports.
  9. LAWFUL: Authority permitted, certified and meet all regulation in the EU, USA, Australia, Japan and elsewhere worldwide. Full industrial EU REACH Authority certified.
  10. EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility certified.

The ABC-BioPhosphate is a product of a unique structure with large macropores and with a high content of P. The product is fully comparable to a mineral fertilizer but the ABC-BioPhosphate is controlled release P fertilizer with pure organic structure versus the rapid release mineral fertilizer with high levels of Cadmium and Uranium contamination. Unlike chemically processed mineral P-fertilisers, which is highly soluble and poses a pollution risk to inland waterways, it is possible to control the release of nutrients in ABC-BioPhosphate fertiliser so that a greater proportion is taken up by the plants. The recovered, contamination free, safe and concentrated Bio-Phosphate is strategic product for the organic and low input farming in the targeted high end markets. 

The BIO-NPK-C formulated ABC-BioPhosphate can be used as bulk in growing media and amendment in nursery substrates as well. The combination of formulated ABC-BioPhosphate with compost, manure or another organic fertilizer is most encouraging for agronomic performance.

The ABC-BioPhosphate and its formulated products are accredited EU Authority permitted in open ecological soil environments based on long term (4 years) accredited efficiency tests (nursery and open field) by different independent and accredited departments from the MS national Soil and Plant Protection Authority under EU legislation.

Product safety and efficiency:

Based on the accredited chemical analysis the toxic elements content of the ABC-BioPhosphate product approaches the range of non detectable levels. No or negligible organic contaminants: PAH19 <1 mg/kg

The product is a fully safe and economical innovative fertilizer with primarily application in the horticultural organic/low input farming cultivations with combined beneficial and multiple effects. 

The market competitive ABC-BioPhosphate product is proven field demonstrated under production conditions in different soil/climatic scenarios to validate ABC-BioPhosphate agronomical effects. Several open field and green house cultivation tests have been performed in IT, IL, HU, DE, NL, SI and DK under different temperate climatic and soil conditions. 

BioPhosphate product permits: 

  • The ABC-BioPhosphate products in open ecological soil environments are EU Authority permitted. 
  • REACH certificated, registration number:  01-2119490075-38-0042

The BioPhSolar Impulse awardosphate fertiliser Solution is awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution. It has been assessed and formally validated (accepted) by three External independent Experts based on the five criteria (credibility of concept, scalability, environmental benefits, client’s economic incentive, seller’s profitability). 

In particular, the three independent Experts performed valid assessments, thus provided complete and coherent answers in accordance to the official “Label Standards” and “Assessment Guidelines”.